Brian "Glad" Thomas

I’ve been into art my whole life and have had a pencil (or crayon) in my hand as early as age 3. I started gaming at the height of D&D’s heyday back in 1982. I was 13 and the game’s art had a huge impact on me. I played D&D off and on over the course of my life and back in 2008, I happened to be perusing some RPG websites and checking out the “art forums” and was inspired by other artists. I decided to post some of my own RPG art and had some positive feedback, which was nice and very motivating for me. A couple of guys, who are now friends of mine, suggested that I start submitting my art to various OSR companies and see if any of them bit. Sure enough, a couple did, and that’s where it all began for me working in the RPG community.

Over the years, I’ve worked for Goblinoid Games, Art of the Genre, Chaotic Henchmen Productions, Henchman Abuse, Throw Games, Sacrosanct Games, Wicked Studios, BRW Games, Black Blade Publishing, Brave Haling Publishing and probably some I’m forgetting (my apologies to them). I also work for a local brewery, St. George Brewing Company, here in my home state of Virginia. I love the brewery and they were looking for a revamp for their brand and beer labeling. With my love for all things fantasy and medieval, it worked well being that their company’s name harkened back to the original “slayer of dragons …so it was a great match.

As far as mediums go, I’ve always been partial to pen and ink work…probably stems from all those great, classic, B&W illustrations in all of the old D&D books of my youth.